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Below we have listed most of the UK wood pellet producers, suppliers and bulk wood pellet delivery companies who supply biomass wood pellets at very cheap keen prices. We will follow up with UK wood pellet market prices, in the mean time if you need a quote then please do not hesitate in calling us on: 0333 050149 - or come back soon to check out the current biomass price's and market information.

UK manufactured biomass wood pellets have the lowest carbon footprint of all wood pellets currently being sold in the UK market. All UK manufactured pellets are ENplus, FSE accredited and are generally of very good quality, manufactured with virgin fibre spruce and pine wood chips and sawdust.

There are many wood pellet imported brands sold in the UK which are owned by Russian and Eastern European parent companies. Many of these pellets are of reasonable quality, very cheap and in some cases may have the necessary ENplus and BSL registration. These pellets generally originate from eastern areas saw milling many different hardwood species. Most European Biomass boiler manufacturers specify using pellets made from softwood spruce and pine, please check with your manufacturer to ensure that imported pellets are suitable for use with your boiler, use the wrong pellets and this may at the least invalidate your boiler warranty or cause major mechanical problems.   

Wood Pellet Manufacturers (UK):
Woodlets, Landenergy Wood Pellets Girvan, Ayrshire Scotland UK.
Brites, Balcas wood pellets, Highlands Scotland and Northern Ireland   
Puffin, Puffin Energy wood pellets, Aberdeenshire Scotland UK  
Verdo, Verdo Renewables wood pellets and briquettes, Scotland and Andover South England.   
Stovies, Arburthnot Wood Pellets, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Wood Pellet Online Retail Suppliers: 
Nuergy Wood Pellet Fuel Supplies, Edinburgh, West, East and Mid Lothian, Stirlingshire, Perthshire and Borders Scotland UK.     
Liverpool Wood Pellets, Liverpool Volcano North West England 
Whitehorse Energy, South England and Wales, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, East & West Sussex, Devon, and Cornwall.  
CPL industires, pellets2U, national supplier South England and Wales,   
LC Energy South England and Wales   
Verdo Renewables, North Scotland, Borders, Northumberland, West & South England and Wales, Devon & Cornwall   
Ecowood Pellets  Devon & Cornwall, south England & Wales.     
Good Life Biomass 
Premier Fuel
Luxury Wood
Pentland Biomass
Billington Bioenergy, national supplier 
Afterwood Wood Pellets 
Forest Fuels, national supplier 
High Park Industries
Wood Pellets UK Ayrshire, Glasgow, Argyll, Lochaber, West Highlands Scotland UK  
Nature Circle  

Bulk Tipped or Blown Pellets: 
Hot Stovies - North East Scotland
Puffin Wood Pellets - Central, Tayside to North East Scotland 
Forever Fuels - Borders, Central Scotland - National network 

Scot Heating - North West England - South Scotland 
Pentland Biomass - Central Scotland, Scottish Borders 
Balcas Brites - Scotland - England - Wales- National network 

Pearsons of Duns - Scottish Borders, Northumberland and East, West & Mid Lothians. 

Billington Biofuels - England - National Network 
Brough Biomass - Lankashire, North West England. 
Banwy Fuels Wales - West Midlands - Cheshire. 
Volcano Fuels - Liverpool, Cheshire, North Wales.
Millhouse - Yorkshire - Lankarshire
Verdenergy - Yorkshire, North East England.
Good Life Biomass - South East England
South East Wood Fuels - South East England
Midland Bioenergy - 
Forest Fuels 
LC Energy 

Wood Pellet Boiler Manufacturers / Suppliers / Installers:
Windhager Kiln Dried log and wood pellet boilers UK Devon 
ETA wood pellet and wood chip boilers England
Okofen wood pellet boilers Perthshire, Shropshire, Wales 

HETAS trained installers: 
Korrie Renewables, Biomass systems Inverness, Highlands, Scotland 
Borders Eco Systems, Jedburgh, Galashiels, Lothians, Dumfriesshire, Scottish Borders, Northumberland,, Cumbria, ​​​​​​
Alternative heat, Glasgow, Inverness, Northern Ireland
A D Heating, Fyvie, Oldmeldrum, Inveruirie, Aberdeenshire, 
North East Boilers Turriff Aberdeenshire. 
AC Gold Energy, Biomass wood pellet boilers Stirling, Stirlingshire, East Dumbartonshire, Fife, Perthshire. 
Glendevon Energy, Perth and Kinross, Fife, Lothians, Angus, Perthshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Borders Highlands, Scotland. 
Perthshire Biofuels, Perthshire, Angus, Highlands, Scotland. 
Nuergy East Calder, Livingston, West Lothian, Mid Lothian, East Lothian, Ayrshire, Dumfries, Dumfriesshire, Argyll, Oban, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Angus, Highlands, Scotland, Borders, Carlisle, Cumbria. 
 Re heat Northumberland, Alnwick, Hexham,   
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