Biomass fuel suppliers - where Cheapest Wood Pellet Prices in the UK is not always the best. 

Now into our fourteenth year selling biomass wood pellet boilers and fuel, we are now seeing the benefits of using top quality wood pellet fuel. As wood pellet fuel suppliers and boiler service company we see that today that most of our customers are burning EN plus A1 Woodlets Wood Pellets.

Our customers are finding that their boiler runs far smoother, has less distortion and corrosion within the combustion pot, as we can testify it most importantly runs more efficiently. High biomass boiler efficiency saves you money and in the long run burning low ash wood pellets is overall more cost effective and will enhance the life time of your biomass boiler.

Many of our customers ask, Which wood pellets are the best for my system? the proof in the pudding is in the eating, try Woodlets and see for yourself.

We love servicing wood pellet boilers running on Woodlets as boilers are cleaner and in better condition all round. Our customers have tried them all, some are better than others, Balcas Brites, Harpers Puffin Energy, Arburthnott Stovies, Verdo, Verdo European, Caledonian Sparklets, Premier Eco, Phoenix Pellets, Woodpellets2U, Forever-fuels, Forest Fuels, Drax, Billingtons 

Looking for a good life - cheapest biomass is not always the best. try Woodlets here  or contact us 

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Now looking towards the coming winter and with the weather getting colder here in Scotland in the UK, the price of fossil flue heating oil is on the rise again while Bulk Biomass Wood Pellet Prices remain stable.  

 We are seeing an increase in enquiries for biomass wood pellet fuel heating systems. Oil prices have risen from 40.1p / litre on the 10th July rising to 44.46 pence / litre on the 28th September that's a whopping 4.4p rise during the off peak season, amounts to a 9.9 % increase. We expect heating oil prices to progressively rise a further 10p per litre before the beginning of 2018, that's 5.5 pence more per kWh than heating with biomass wood pellets, once added to your renewable heat incentive payments RHI, then you may well heat your house for free and manage to pay a good proportion of the capital costs of your new biomass heating boiler system over the next seven years. Goes to show it pays to heat with biomass, green clean renewable energy. 

Kenny Paterson

 Current Biomass Wood Pellet Fuel price as of today 20.09.17
Landenergy Woodlets Wood pellets delivered via bulk blown tanker to the Edinburgh area are £189 / tonne, equal to 3.9p/kWh. **Fuel oil is today 4.35p / kWh, means in the UK Wood pellets are 4.5p / kWh cheaper, that's heating with wood pellets a whopping 10% cheaper than heating with kerosene oil heating.    

**Boiler Juice fuel oil heating prices:  https://www.boilerjuice.com/heating-oil-prices-scotland/


Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) - GOV.UK

The money is paid through the Domestic RHI scheme. Eligibility. You can apply if you live in England, Scotland or Wales. You must either: own your home; be a ...

More information on the UK domestic Renewable Heat Incentive RHI, http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/grants-loans/renewables/renewable-heat-incentive

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