Nuergy are now established over sixteen years, we are a dedicated team supplying a specially selected range of Wood Pellet Boilers, providing Sales, Service and Spare Parts throughout the UK. We Specialise in design and installation, right through to commissioning and after sales service. Our team are highly experienced engineers in all aspects of biomass combustion, wood fuel technical issues and servicing of all makes of biomass boilers.

Established in 2004 and with over thirty years boiler plant experience, we provide contract service packages and supply original spare parts for boilers in our range including many parts which are common to other manufacturers boilers. . 

Today in the UK Wood Pellets are manufactured to a very high standard by companies such as Land Energy Woodlets, Balcas Brites, Blazers fuels. Land Energy Woodlets are produced in very low carbon production line with one of the shortest supply chains in the business. The pellets are delivered via bulk tanker or in small bags shrink wrapped and stacked on a pallet. 

Our range of Janfire and Froling wood fuel boilers and MCZ stoves are all the rage these days. Size and type of boiler is down to your heating requirements and space available to locate the boiler and fuel store. The simplest and most economic wood pellet boiler to install is a fully automatic feeding and cleaning MCZ pellet boiler stove with an on board day hopper, this is usually situated in your home while connected to an existing central heating system and chimney. Many Janfire and Froling biomass wood boilers are installed in a double garage or out house with a WPS wood pellet storage bulk pellet tank or hopper container adjacent to the boiler or with an auger screw through the wall transporting the pellets from the hopper situated out doors in the garden. Illustrated below is a Janfire Integral wood pelllet boiler, one of the most economic and popular boiler options with a day tank refilled several times per week. 

Many Froling fire wood log boilers are installed in Scotland and throughout the UK, they are very popular where many house holders already have low cost or free biomass wood fuel supplies. High density Verdo saw dust briquettes and kiln dried logs are available in Scotland, England and Wales at a cost plus delivery, delivered in builders tote bags or in pallet crates. Most of the kiln dried fire wood logs are imported, usually of very good quality birch, ash, cherry, oak or beach, some suppliers, supply hard wood logs mixed with soft wood logs delivered right to your door. In most areas local fire wood log suppliers will deliver for a small fee and take the time to unload wood logs and stack them in your log store. 

In addition to providing Biomass boiler servicing we also specialise in stocking biomass boiler spare parts, many parts are purchased direct from the original manufacturer which means we can sell and supply at very special prices. Includes, wood pelllet stove and boiler igniter's, auger screw motors, AD flue gas fans and boiler door seal kits for the following biomass wood pellet and wood chip boiler brands supplied direct to you in the UK: MCZ, Extraflame, Palazzetti, Klover, WES, Bioflame, Ravelli, Janfire, Windhager, Froling, Biotech, ETA , Herz, Okofen, Gilles.